EFT Tapping for Resilience and Wellbeing in Schools and Colleges

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A Pastoral Manager

Stonehenge School

I knew the benefits of EFT but wondered how it would work on 80 Secondary school pupils……… they were totally engaged and got involved in Tapping.  A really useful tool for them to take away for the rest of their lives.  Jacqui’s technique was totally appropriate for them and so easy to understand. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to more schools."

What could the resilience and wellbeing package for your school or college include?

  • Live EFT presentations to small groups of students throughout a school day via Zoom set up in a classroom
  • Pre-meetings with staff involved to ensure a smooth and successful day
  • Free places in advance of the classroom event for up to four staff members involved on Jacqui's two-hour EFT Introductory Workshop (available once a month, see eftdevon.com/courses for details of dates)
  • EFT Leaflet with your School or College Logo to hand out on the day which would include a link to ...
  • an online EFT course with your logo and agreed content for students, parents and staff to access with consolidation and follow-up of the material presented live in class via Zoom (a private link is provided just for your school/college). Scroll down for a sample course curriculum.
  • Evaluation meeting and advice how you can continue to build on the gains made with EFT Tapping
  • Discounted additional places on EFT Introductory Workshop for Staff INSET on the themes of wellbeing, resilience, dealing with challenges
  • Discounted staff places on Jacqui's full 8-week EFT Training (3.5 hours per week for 8 weeks)
  • Discounted rates for individual or group sessions for staff wanting help with stress, mindset or long-term health issues

Possible Additional Themes

  • Stress management
  • Exam, test or performance stress (includes sports performance)
  • Confidence building
  • Better relationships and results through Emotional Intelligence (EFT is used to increase EQ. IQ is relatively fixed but EQ can be cultivated and grown; this is what makes the difference between good and great)
  • Anger management

Why is EFT Tapping catching on so quickly and so useful to young people?

For self-help and for emotional first aid it is simple to learn and you feel the beneficial effects straight away.
Ok, so it may look a bit weird to tap on your face and seem like a weird thing to do, but once you experience the effects you will find that you just take it as it is, no problem. Any initial effort is worth it because it works - it does what it says on the tin (well, in its name):
Emotional Freedom Techniques
Emotions = Feelings
EFT Tapping gives you Freedom from the unhelpful feelings and their effects, from feelings that come from unwanted thoughts, life's challenges, things people say, situations you struggle to handle and more
Once learnt, with EFT you have a skill for life at your fingertips.
It has so many uses that everyone should learn it at school!

You can learn the most basic essentials in about 20 minutes. Mastery takes longer - you can go on and on learning and perfecting the Art of EFT Delivery and what can be achieved - it can be applied to anything. At the other extreme, there is a short form of Tapping used for emotional first aid and the immediate aftermath of trauma without even the need for language that you can learn from a language-free instructional cartoon video. If you are interested in this please see the video for Trauma Tapping Technique made by my colleagues at the Swedish Peaceful Heart Network
here on YouTube

A Learning Support Assistant

Stonehenge School

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for today, spoken to a few students who attended, and they said it was brilliant and they will be using it going forward.” 

Course Curriculum

The example below gives you an indication of the content of a typical online course that is included in this package for your students and staff to continue their EFT learning and practice in their own time and privacy. The idea is to use the day of live interaction to expose as many students as possible to a live introductory experience of EFT Tapping, repeating the presentation and live demonstration with a number of small groups throughout the day. This is a taster and alone would be insufficient for much more than introduction. However by following this up with bespoke leaflets, video material and letters to inform and interest parents, if a student joins in the initial demonstration, experiences relief from tension and wants to try it some more, they have immediate opportunity to do so and can start to benefit.  Pastoral staff can also use the leaflets and videos on an ongoing basis. With additional training they can make an even bigger difference to young people's lives.

Everything you Need to Introduce EFT Tapping at your School or College

Your school will be invoiced once plans for your event are started and your exact needs negotiated. Please use the button on the right to register your interest for this package and access the links for your next steps:-

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Package for Schools and Colleges

  • Full-day with small groups
  • Personalised handouts
  • Personalised online course follow-up
  • Planning meetings
  • Discounts and more (see page above)


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