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EFT Tapping Introduction 2hrs LIVE on Zoom

Monthly opportunities to attend live on Zoom. a personalised, interactive small group intro to the basics of using EFT Tapping for self-help

Course/Workshop Summary

This is a live, practical workshop, where you will have the opportunity, as part of a supportive small group, to learn and put into practice the basics of how to tap (do Emotional Freedom Techniques - which involves tapping with fingertips on acupressure points). You will leave inspired to apply EFT to pain, cravings, unwanted feelings, tension and stress, to make any challenge you subsequently tackle much EASIER!

When/Why should I do this course/workshop?

  • You are new to EFT Tapping
  • You've bought a book or downloaded a free EFT manual or watched some tap-along videos and now you would like to start to feel like you really know how to do it
  • You've read about it or tapped along with a video on YouTube. Now you'd like to have some time with an expert to ask questions and learn more
  • You'd like to meet and try out EFT with an expert trainer, with 20 years experience of using EFT for anything and everything
  • You'd like to work with someone who ensures you feel accepted and that your issue is truly understood and helps you find a tapping solution 
  • You're thinking of further training and you'd like a taster - get to know how it is to work with Jacqui
    (The £25 payment for this course will be deducted from the cost of the full EFT Level 1 and 2 course if you proceed later to this)
  • You'd like to join a regular tapping group or tapping circle and you want to learn the EFT Basics first

Course/Workshop Features

  • Two hours plus in a small group (between 3 and 15 people)
  • Monthly opportunities to repeat the workshop, as many times as you like, provided space is available 
  • Easily accessible from your own home via Zoom
  • Practical, active learning with personalised warm and friendly tuition
  • Instruction in some of the basics of using EFT for self-help
  • Tuition from an accomplished professional EFT Master Trainer and life-long educator (Jacqui, apart from running EFT Devon was Chair of AAMET then EFT International 2014-2022, which during that time became the World's leading professional EFT Association and a UK-registered Charity).
  • A personal and immediate experience of some of the effects of EFT
  • Suggestions how to apply EFT yourself to your personal issues and challenges
  • Plenty of opportunity to ask and get your questions answered
  • Handouts and guidance in .pdf format to keep
  • Investment of only £25
  • Your investment carried across toward your payment for the full EFT Levels 1&2 8-week course, should you decide to proceed to this
  • Money Back Guarantee
    Your money back if you were to feel at the end that EFT holds nothing whatsoever for you, so try it, you have nothing to lose other than any negative emotional burdens!

Upcoming Workshop Dates


Wednesday, 10th January, 4.30 - 6.30 pm
Saturday, 10th February, 9.30 - 11.30 am

Course Curriculum


EFT Tapping Practitioner since 2004
EFT International Accredited Master Trainer of Trainers
Chair, AAMET/EFTInternational 2014-2022
Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner and Naturopathic Nutritional Advisor
Also trained in NLP, Matrix Re-imprinting,WHEE, Reiki, Ask and Receive, Emotrance.

Some post-course comments from participants

"I so enjoyed this morning's workshop. Thank you!  I learnt so much. It was really interesting and the tapping filled me with a sense of calm and cleared my mind. I will certainly be incorporating it into my daily life."

"many many thanks for a wonderful session. I have learnt so much and will try to find time to return for the longer course. I definitely need it and will benefit greatly from it."



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Sue R

EFT Devon Introductory Workshop

What a great way to learn the basics of EFT in this online workshop. Jacqui introduced us to the world of EFT in a 2 hour workshop, sharing her vast knowledge with many practical exercises and concise and easy to understand instructions. I look forward to continuing my EFT journey and learning more in the future. Thank you.

6 months ago