FREE Fridays LIVE Tapping for Stress

Join me for one of my friendly Friday afternoon EFT Tapping group sessions. Try out EFT, tap with others, & clear some stress ready for the weekend!


Live every other Friday afternoon at 4.30pm (UK time) 45-60 minutes on Zoom
(you can see which dates are available below and after you sign up).
You will learn the basic procedure for how to tap.
Participants will then have the opportunity to share whatever issues are currently a source of stress and Jacqui will lead the group in applying EFT (Tapping) to relieve those stresses.
Also download Jacqui's free Emotional Freedom Techniques The Basic Steps leaflet.

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EFT Tapping Practitioner since 2004
EFT International Accredited Master Trainer of Trainers
Chair, AAMET/EFTInternational 2014-2022
Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner and Naturopathic Nutritional Advisor
Also trained in NLP, Matrix Re-imprinting,WHEE, Reiki, Ask and Receive, Emotrance.



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Rachel Garnett

Thoroughly enjoy

I look forward to the free tapping group fortnightly, it’s an opportunity in my busy to life to give myself the opportunity to stop, focus on me & relax. However often I think I’ve nothing to take to the tapping group to tap on, something always comes up, I don’t realise until I’m sat in the zoom group how stressed I am, uptight, anxious, & all of a sudden realise I can feel my body physically & emotionally relaxing, I leave the group with a relaxed feeling, ready to carry on with life’s difficult daily challenges. The group is so friendly, supportive, Jacqui finds time to listen to everyone & always really takes on board each persons words & manages to fit all the groups needs into the time we have. I should like to say a huge thank you to Jacqui for making time to share her knowledge, skills & experience freely to so many of us. Thank you Jacqui x

6 months ago
Florrie Gibbons


I always feel so much calmer afterwards, thank you.

7 months ago
Marjory Pierce

A thoroughly enlightening experience……

I joined Jacqui’s recent introductory group from which I gained lots of useful information to enable me to continue and enhance my tapping practice. Jacqui has a very relaxed and flexible approach to teaching and is clearly extremely knowledgeable about tapping. The small group format is pleasant and friendly and allows for plenty of individual participation. Highly recommended

8 months ago


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